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In this article we are going to talk about attitude Bio for your Instagram account and how to make it stand out from other profile on the platform. We are going to look at what is an Instagram Bio? Also, why it is important to have a good Instagram BIO? Also, we will answer questions like what is an attitude BIO? What benefits will an attitude BIO will do for you as an influencer or someone looking to grow their account on the Instagram platform? Also, why is it is possible to have an attitude BIO for your business on the Instagram platform? As well as what it can do to help your business and how it affects the way people see you as a company. 


We will also show you some examples of some attitude BIOs so you can see what we are talking about and also walk you through how to make your very own attitude BIO for your Instagram account.

What is an Instagram bio?

If you have been on Instagram, you know that you have a BIO, the whole point of a BIO is to let people know the type of person you are or what your brand does and even what it is all about. The thing with an Instagram BIO is that you only have 150 characters to sell yourself or your brand. Give them a reason to say that this brand or person is worth my time and I am going to follow them or at least check out the profile.


Think of the Instagram BIO as a preview of your life, much the same as reading the back of a book. The cover is your profile photo, and the BIO is the summary, yeah we now you only have 150 characters to sell to someone that has just seen you for the first time that you are worth following on the platform. Don’t worry, we have some tricks that will help you with the power of emojis don’t worry, we will talk more about this later in the article.


Why is an Instagram BIO important?

It is important because, as we mentioned before, it is your time to sell yourself or your brand and show what type influencer that you are. You have to be able to capture people’s attention in very little words. It is important because this shows them what type of person you are for example what things you like and what your beliefs are and, more important, that you are worth a follow or at least they will check out your profile and have a look at some other pictures. This could lead to a few likes on the platform and everything adds up, so why not?


Now you only have 150 characters to let everyone know about or what your business is about don’t worry people are super smart. That’s where the amazing power of emojis come to save the day. For example, in the BIO you could say pizza lover or you could say 🍕 ❤️. Now people will see this and say he loves pizza or they will see this and say pizza heart 🤷‍. The best part of using an emoji in your BIO is that it only counts as one character. That’s why whenever you do a BIO, we strongly recommend that you get creative and use emoji’s 


When you use emojis, this will help people get a better understanding of you by looking at a few small pictures in your BIO. Most people will use things like flags or a something that they enjoy doing like a sport or activity. Then you place that in your Instagram profile and people will relate right away by seeing an emoji of, let’s say football. They will say to them self that I like football. What is this all about?


What is an attitude bio?

Now you know what an Instagram BIO is and why it is important to have a great BIO and the benefit’s that it can do for your business or you have as a person that wants to grow an Instagram account. But what does it mean to have an attitude BIO for your Instagram account?


What an attitude BIO means is showing people what you believe in this could be in a funny or cool way. The whole point is to let people know what you think about something you could say, for example living in the amazing 🇺🇸 just as an example. This lets people know your attitude to something in this case, how you feel about your country. 


You need to get people to find out more about you. That is the key, and that’s why it is great to have a BIO that is different. You don’t want a normal BIO. You want one that shows a unique idea of you or your business to the world.


The benefit of having an attitude BIO

First, it will show people that your BIO is not boring and something that is different and unique for the Instagram platform. Second, a good BIO done the right way will get the attention of someone looking on Instagram and go “hello you are” and go to find out more. For a business, this is also a great thing to have. You see, the BIO is your first contact with the customer and gives the first impression to someone new checking out your profile.


If you are an influencer or want to grow your profile than a great attitude, BIO will be key to letting people know that you are different. Let them see an attitude BIO and now what type of person you are this will have a great impact on the way people see you on Instagram.


So what does attitude Bio look like?

Ok, so down below we got some examples of what an attitude BIO looks like. Basically, you just stick these in the BIO of your Instagram account that shows what type of person or business that you are. Below, we have some examples, but you need to be more creative. Find things that represent you as a person and stick them in the BIO with Emoji’s, of course. We want to save that word count and get the most information you can across to people why using the littlest amount of characters.


Just think about the things you like and the things that you are passionate about. We would recommend maybe 3 to 4 emojis in your profile. You don’t want to fill it up. This could make it too overwhelming for someone to see. 


Check out the examples below.

👉Wish me on..🎂 14 APRIL

FuLl PaGaL🙄


❣️Follow me ✌❤


🎶Music LoVer🥰

🤳Selfie Star📸

🚙BMW Lover

😍Love You Friends💟

🙏Respect girl’s🙏

😃Alw’ys Happy

😉Like Close Friends

😀No Brother Only Bro

😘 I Love My Mom

😊Proud To Be Mom

😠I Hate Attitude

😏 Simple Boy

😊Wish Me On 19 Feb🎂

How to make a BIO right for you?

The first thing we want to do when you make an attitude BIO is asking yourself if it is for you or your business. We will look at both. First let’s look at an attitude BIO for your personal account.

The first thing you want to do is find out what things you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies and your interest? You can make a list if you want and figure out what type of things you like to do.


  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Golf

This is just a small list of things to give you an idea of what we mean. You should go of things that you like and write them down. This will make things easier for you. Now that you have your list, it is time for you to think about what emojis that you can add. It’s very simple just find the emoji’s that relate to your interest on your list. The things you like and don’t use in the word use the emoji sure you can say the words if you want but we are trying to reduce the word count. Just look at another example you could say 💯🏄 so the example that we just said was a surfboard with the world 100% means you are 100% about surfing. Just an example of what is possible. It really is that easy, and it’s up to you to just have to do what feels right for you and what you like.


Second, now we will look at how to use emoji’s in your business first thing you want to ask yourself is what is your niche. If you have a BIO on Instagram, you want it to have something to relate to your business. This is very easy. First, think about what type or services and products you sell to people. To make things more easy for you to understand, we will use an example.  We are going to make up a company that sells kid’s toys. Now in the Instagram BIO we will have toy emoji’s Let’s look at your example. (🧸 🎉 😀 Bring you the best toys)


In your example, you can see that we don’t have an emoji for the words toys, so you will have to get creative in what you do. This is where you have to place your thinking cap on and start to think outside the box so you can find what you are looking for and something that matches your business niche.


My attitude BIO is done now what.


Now that your Instagram attitude Bio is all done, you must be thinking about what to do now. Well, your work is not over yet. Now is the time you will have to test and see what works best. The reason you test is that you will find what will work best in your BIO. What we are looking at is what will get you better engagement than other BIOs. You can tell this by looking at your Instagram analytics if you have a business profile.


So you will have to spend the time and test and see what will work for your profile by switching things up and just trying a different approach. At the end of the day you should do what you think works at first and over time you will have a better understanding of what BIO is doing better than other BIO and just keep honing in on it and keep making improvements on it. Marketing is difficult and we ask you not to give up, so don’t feel down if it takes a few BIO to see more interaction with your profile on Instagram.


In this article, we have looked at attitude Bio for Instagram and have explained why it is important to have a good attitude BIO for your Instagram account, one that can benefit yourself and your business. An attitude BIO is great because if shifts away from the normal boring Instagram profiles that you see and makes it something new, it’s like a new trend at the moment on the platform. As a person that wants to grow your business or your Instagram account, then this is a great and fun thing to do. We all know that new things are always good to jump on and do, so that’s why you need an attitude BIO for your Instagram account. So just stick in their test out different and new things until you find something that works well for your BIO yes it will take some testing. The end game plan and the results will be great so now is the time to be different show people what type of person you are or show your business that you are different and not just another business on Instagram.

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