Highest paying niches on YouTube


In this article, we talk about the highest paying niches on YouTube. We will look at the advantages of YouTube and why you need it for your niche. We will also look at five niches that you can make a lot of money from on the platform. They are good examples of how you can make money online. We also go into depth a little about how they make money on YouTube and how you can as well on the platform. We also look at three major ways that youtubers make money and what you can do also to make money with the same strategies. Plus, give you some ideas of what they do in order to generate an income for them self on YouTube.

We hope by the end that you will have a good understating of the highest paying niches on YouTube and that it will help you. We hope that you be able to make a better choice when it comes to your niche or at least give you some ideas of what and how other people are making money online and what strategies that they are using to do this and you can them as well do generate money for yourself.


The advantages of YouTube?

YouTube has now become more than just a place to go watch videos from different people all around the world. It is now basically a visual search engine, just like google. YouTube will not only show you how to solve a problem, but it will also tell you. YouTube now has lots of channels about showing people how to do things, for example, fixing cars and basic home repairs around that house. 

This has led to some pretty cool niches because now you can use the visual aspect of things, so the niche options are open even more. For example, showing people how to place furniture together. Did you think that it could become a profitable YouTube niche? Well, it has. We are now in a world where you can use the visual element to make money online. If you have good content and do the right marketing on your YouTube channel, you could make some significant money and have a profitable YouTube niche.


With millions of people watching YouTube every day, it’s a great way to get eyeballs to your business and let people know all about you and your channel and what your band is about. Think of YouTube as a great making tool and the best part of it is for free and once you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours’ watch time, you can make money from it. So it’s a win for your business.

YouTube is great not only for business, but if you have skills and you have a passion for something, then why not place a video on YouTube and teach other people how to do it? Once you get your 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, then you can make money with YouTube ads, then you will be getting paid for what you love. Think about it.

Why YouTube is for niches

You tube is built for niches and even micro niches. You see, the platform is like we talked about. Before it is a visual search engine helping you to solve a lot of problems in life and complex ones as well. This makes it a great place for a niche with one billion watch hours a day. On average, this makes it a perfect place for your videos.

YouTube is a place where you can find some amazing things and new things that you might like for example if you have a hobby you want to try why not check it out on YouTube first and have a look and see what it is about and see if you would like to do it. That’s why YouTube has been built for niches and you should use the full potential and take full advantage of the platform for your niche.

Not only can you place videos on the YouTube platform, but now you can also do shorts, which is basically the same as TikTok. These videos can last up to 60 seconds and the reach is amazing. You can get a lot of people that have not seen or heard about you to notice your channel. This will give your niche and channel more eyeballs and this can also help you grow and help your business be more successful as well shorts in general have great reach and will help your channel grow.


What’s niches pay the most on YouTube?

Ok, this is all about how you set up your YouTube for your channel. Let’s look at something to give you a better understanding. For example, once you are monetised, you can start to get money from ads on YouTube. One other way is affiliate marking on your YouTube channel by offering customers links and discounts to items that you recommend. You can also do payed sponsorships on your channel. How many videos have you seen were they say first let’s thank your sponsor for today’s video? 

The three major ways to make money on YouTube

· YouTube monetization

· Affiliate marketing

· Paid sponsorship

You also have many more, but let’s just get the basics down so you can understand what we are talking about.

Now let’s talk about what niches pay the most on YouTube.

Make Money Online

The first one is teaching people how to make money online as a side hustle. Now these niches are full of affiliate marketing links. That is the main way that they make money online. Most of the time, they will use YouTube as a sales funnel for you to buy their course or products. I mean, if you have made money online and are good at it, why not show people how to do it with a course? This is a great one. The more board it is the better you could talk about stocks or blogging or print on demand. You have a lot of options if you keep it open.

Finance & Investing

Another big one that pays the most is financial and investment. This one is a big niche in blogging with makes it a big niche on YouTube as well. This niche as a blogging niche is one of the best to make a great amount of money. This niche is also the one with the least competition and the one that can make the most money on average a month, so it makes sense that it is also big on YouTube. With things like the cost of living going up and inflation hitting an all-time high, people are always looking on ways to save money, so this makes it a great niche that is highly profitable.


Drop Shipping / Print On Demand

This one is a big one you have lots of people selling courses on YouTube offering you a path to make big money on print on demand with some course been thousands of dollars and some been under 200 dollars. So if you have made a print on demand store and it’s a successful, why not make content about print on demand? You can make money with affiliate marketing and selling your own courses to people.

Content Creation/YouTube influencer

So if you have the right niche and you want to be an influencer, you can make a lot of money doing this. You can get money by all 3 methods YouTube monetisation affiliate marketing and paid sponsorship. You have to have a niche like sports, for example, and you could show people workout or give them exercise tips. Then you can make money and get sponsors for fitness equipment and do reviews on them as well as affiliate links in the video description. You can do a lot with this niche, so just think about what you want to do and give it a try.

Personal Finance

Now we did talk about this a little before, but now we are talking about the finance side of things just for you and getting better at saving and make loan repayments. The niche of finance is super big. You have a lot of different niches and micro niches or sometimes called sub niches that you can do a lot on the financial niche. The possibilities are endless with this niche.

Above we have given you five examples of some niches that pay very well on YouTube we would say the overall best one that makes the most is finance niche. The reason is that you can get some very high commission for selling financial products and services. Some youtuber don’t even talk about finance or it’s nothing to do with their niche but yet they have affiliate links in the Bio of the YouTube description in their videos.


Now we know the top niches that pay great on YouTube. Let’s have a quick recap of what they are.

· Make Money Online

· Finance & Investing

· Drop Shipping / Print On Demand

· Content Creation/YouTube influencer

· Personal Finance

All the options above are the highest paying niches on YouTube. The way they make money is by Affiliate marketing and selling courses or e products. Yes, you have other options to sell things and other niches to sell in, but these niches make a lot of money on YouTube and are ones to think about.

Find what you love and make money from it

Ok so now you want to do YouTube, but you don’t like the above suggestions that we said they are just the highest paying niches on YouTube, so don’t worry. What you need to do is find something that you love to do. This will make it more fun. These days, you can do whatever you want. You can make money from. It for example, if you like building bird house you could place videos on YouTube about how to make birdhouses and recommend tool and equipment with affiliate links on products that you use and recommend.

These days you can have a niche and sell everything you want in it. Don’t worry, just find what you love. The reason that you want to find what you love or your passion is that the hours in the niche will be very long. You will be spending a lot of time in that niche, so you need to be able to find something that you will not get bored and keep doing without taking a rest and just keep at it. If you don’t like what we have talked about above, that’s ok let’s find what you love and just try it on YouTube and if you love it people will see your passion for it and want to do it too.



In this article, we have looked at the highest paying niches on YouTube. We looked at why you need YouTube and why it is great for a niche and why you should be doing YouTube with a niche in mind. We have looked at high paying niches on YouTube and how people make money online with them and the strategies that they use.

We have shown you how they make money in these niches and what you can do to also make money in these niches when it comes to YouTube. We also talked a little about how you can make money with what you love on YouTube. Also, it is important to find what you love and make it work for you because you will be spending a lot of time in that niche, so you need to pick something that you will love and something enjoyable for you.

Overall, you can make money on YouTube and the highest paying niches are difficult ones to look at and think about, but at the end of the day, do what you love and do what will keep you motivated for years to come.

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