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In this article we are going to talk all about micro niches and give you some ideas on what they are and why they are important for your business and why you should have one. First we will break things down by looking at what a niche is. We will talk about why a niche is important to have in a business and why you need one. We will talk about what a micro niche is and we will also give will even give you some ideas and example of how to do a micro niche so you can see what we are talking about. last we will talk about the benefits of a micro niche and what we think the future is going to be like with micro niches.  

If you wanted to have a guide and a good understanding of what a micro niche is and what impacts, it can have on a business or even you as an influencer then this will give you a good understanding with the example that we show you and talk about we are sure that you will get a great understanding of what it is about.


What is a Niche?

The first thing that we have to have an understanding about is what is a niche. So let’s take a deep drive into what a niche is. What a niche does is it help make it easy to target people online and make your marketing strategy more effective so you can make money online. A niche helps you to target a certain group of people that are interested in what you're selling on your website or a topic that you talk about. Let’s break this down by giving you some examples.

The first example is sport. Sports itself is not a niche it is too big very big so what we need to do is it down by choosing a certain sport. Let’s look at ice hockey, for example. This is a better niche because you are targeting people that like ice hockey, not just people that love sports. By breaking things down, you are able to get better ideas and target your audiences in a much better way.

The second example that we will look at is dance. Now dance itself is also very big just think of how many different types of dance that you have. To say that dance is your niche means you will have an audiences of people so big it will be hard to market to. You need to break it down even more, so let’s make it hip-hop. Now we can work with hip-hop dance and we will be able to target people that like hip-hop and not just dance. This Is a niche now. It does not have to be a dance of hip-hop it should be something that you love because you be spending a lot of time researching and finding out more about your niche.


Why you need a niche for your business? 

Don’t worry, we will get into what a micro niche is later. The reasons you need a niche for your business or even for yourself if you want to be an influencer is what we mentioned before about making it easy to target people that relate to something. We talked about dance and hip-hop as your niche. Let’s say I give you 100 dollars to spend on advertising. If you just go and spend that 100 dollars on ads for dance, you will not make sales. If I said ok, I give you 100 dollars you have to spend it on ads for people that like hip-hop. First you save time, second you have more of a chance to make money. 

So a niche is very important to grow and develop your business. The right niche for you is one that you have a lot of knowledge about. We would recommend that it has to be something that you can spend two years talking about. it does take about two years until you really master your niche. To truly understand your niche and the trends that come and go with it time is your friend and it takes a lot to become a master of your niche.  So place that seatbelt on and get ready to go for a two-year ride with your niche make sure you pick wisely.

If you pick a niche that you know nothing about, just remember that you be spending about two years in it so, pick something that can spend a lot of time in and not get bored. The last thing you want to do is spend six months on something and then you mind changes or you lose interest.  That’s a lot of time gone that you cannot get back.


What is a micro niche?

A micro niche, or sometimes called a sup niche, it is a niche with in a niche. This is normally more specific to someone, and it is more relative to them. Let’s give you an example. We looked at dance and then we broke it down even more to Hip-hop. Now an example of a micro niche is getting a niche and breaking it down by demographic segmentation. What demographic segmentation is when you break your target market down by age, gender, education, and even the income of the person who likes your niche? Then build all your advertising and business campaigns around that.

Let’s show you an example. Your niche is dance, but not all. Dance it is hip-hop now let’s break that down be using demographic segmentation. Let’s say people that like hip-hop dance that are male and between the ages of 25-35 years of age that make an average income of 31.000 a year from the USA.

So now that we have your micro niche down, we know who to target in your ads. We can make a big step forward with all your work and what we have to do because we know what type of person we are going to target for the product or services that we offer. This is the great benefit of a micro niche and why it makes life much easier for your business and your marketing campaign. 


What are some micro niche ideas? 

Ok, now that you know what a micro niche is what do they look like?  below we are going to give you four examples of what we are talking about.

  • blogging
  • software review
  • gaming review
  • new gadgets and technology


The first example is blogging. We mean we are talking about what is blogging and how to build a website for people wanting to make money online. So the micro niche is blogging. A blogging niche would be like blogging food, but in this example we are talking about blogging, so don’t get confused.

The next example on your list was software reviews, so the niche is technology with the micro niche been about different types of software and reviewing it. You would also still use demographic segmentation for this. Example: male 30-40 in the USA that’s into technology and software.

The third example that we had is gaming reviews this work very well if you have a YouTube channel about gaming. You could target different games or different fields of games. For example, you could just do reviews for first-person shooter games.

The last one on your mini list is new gadgets and technology, so this again is in the technology niche. This time we are braking it down to new gadgets you will be talking about the latest and the newest in technology. This could be things like a new smart watch or something new that no one has seen before and do reviews on these new gadgets. This is a great niche because everyone will know you as the person that always reviews the newest things in technology gadgets. Plus, it is a niche that is basically an evergreen niche. The reason is because companies are always developing new products and services with new technology.  

We have given you four very small examples of micro niches, but they have hundreds of micro niches out there to explore. Just have a good look around to see if you can find one you like. Or maybe you have an idea in your mind or you know one. If you have an idea, all you need to do is make sure that other people will be interested in it too.


What are the benefits of a micro niche?

The benefits of a micro niche are that it makes marketing much more easily because you getting into something that needs more detail. Like your hip-hop dance marketing products will be a lot easier than dance and you will be able to get in more detail with your targeting. It is one hundred percent more easy to target ads at and make ads, for hip hop than just dance plus this will save you time and money. Another great thing is that most have low competition, much less than, let’s say, a niche site. A micro niche also works great on social media platforms to help you target the people that the niche might forget about. For example, been a male nurse. We can also tell you that a good profitable micro niche will do wonders for your business and give your brand some authority in that niche.

Overall we think that a niche is the best way to go forward with the market been very competitive and lots of different brands and people opening new stores and blogs all the time it’s hard to find a good profitable niche that is not owned by a big cooperation. So if you found a great niche and you think that it’s too hard to break into it why not look at a micro niche. That’s just taking that niche and looking deeper into it to find an audience that people have overlooked.

The future of micro niches

What do we think about micro niches in the future? We think in the future that micro niches will be more profitable and the better ones to aim for and build a brand around. Now we are at a stage that almost every niche that you can think of has been done. All the good ones and profitable ones are taken or are very highly competitive. We are not saying all niches are flooded with people but most are getting very crowded. So micro niches will play a big part in the future so you should find one.

One great example is photography someone found that people often ask question about equipment and cameras. So what they did was build their whole brand and business about showing people   how to use features on different cameras with tutorials and in depth details about each model. This was both highly profitable and very affective in making a lot of money and now it is the place to go once you got a new camera. With your micro niche if you are able to find a niche and find a problem and give a solution you will do very well. What you want to do is find ones that you are able to solve a problem in.


in this article we have given you a good understanding about micro niches why they are important and why you need one for your business and how you can benefit from it. The bottom line is that a micro niche is the best way to move forward in the future with this very highly and competitive world of marketing and you will benefit from it in the long run.

So moving forward we would recommend that you find a niche and then a micro niche within that niche we are sure that you will see positive results. Plus, it is still very early in the game that you will be able to be an authority in that niche and build a brand and a reputation around that product or services.  


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